Monday, 28 April 2008

The Lisbon Assault

Looks like the 'selling' of the Lisbon Treaty is about to begin in earnest. In the coming weeks a booklet will be sent out to every voting household to explain the treaty, though I wonder if there will be enough time left if the booklet is considered biased in one direction or the other!? Me, cynical?

Also a website has been set-up to further help explain what it is all about:

The Lisbon Treaty 2008

This should be an unbiased website designed to help explain the main aspects while also allowing to download the full treaty.

While here is a selection other sites to give you some fun reading:

Vote No
IBEC - Lisbon Reform Treaty
The Socialist Party
MEPs on the Lisbon Treaty
Vote No 2 The Lisbon Treaty

They should give a broad outline on the political arguments for a Yes or No vote. Meanwhile I remain unconvinced by either camp. Thus I shall have to do some further research into this when time allows. Of course my one vote will have little sway in the end, but I would rather choose what I thought was best over being a sheep.

As I have said before, get involved, question & debate this document for Irelands role now is of utmost importance. We decide what Europe does next. This will also be reflected in the history books...sheep or shepherds?

YOU decide.