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Sena 3S Review - Bluetooth for the Masses

Communication is key to any relationship. It becomes even more important is if that communication gives you just another reason to be out on two wheels. But did you ever use those wired intercom systems? I did, with the unit wired under the seat, power from the battery, and then a host of connections for you and your pillion. Then the various dials and knobs on the unit to adjust the sound, correct for wind, etc. Then every time you went to get off the motorcycle was a Russian roulette of whether you remembered to unplug or not. Then the marvel of bluetooth arrived on the scene, and the first few years of headsets were just a pain in the arse, all promise but usually failing to delivery. All you wanted was something that was cable free, simple to install, and easy to use.
Which leads me to introduce you to the Sena 3S series of bluetooth intercoms which are at the budget end of the price spectrum and offers everything I found myself wishing for in a bluetooth system just a couple of ye…

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