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Patience. The Tiger Cometh.

After 60,000km it's all changing again. My ever trusty, everyday workhorse and general do everything exceptionally well Tiger 800 XRt (2016) is now being replaced. The why is fairly mundane, just like the Tiger 800 XRx before that, I can take the oppurtunity to move up now. The Tiger has not missed a beat in the last two years and I had every intention of just making the the change to the fantastic new version, then racking up the miles on that. You know that saying? In for a penny, in for a pound? To butcher that, in for a 800... in for a 1200 in turns out. The option to go 'all in', is not there for me, but I can reach for a Tiger 1200 XRx so I have also gone for the 'Low Ride Height' option to give fun sized me a much more accessible seat height of a mere 790mm. That is already lower then the current Tiger 800 XRt which sits at 810mm!

Benefits are already obvious, first is ownership costs. I cover in the region of 1,000km's a week on my bike, my service inte…

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