British Superbikes (Original Posting 17th June 2007)

Bennett's British Superbikes, Mondello Park, Ireland

Today's main events were as follows:

1145 Race 1: Metzeler Racetec National Superstock Championship, Round 6, 16 laps

1245 Race 2: Bennett's British Superbikes Championship, Round 6-Race 1, 18 laps

1335 Race 3: British 125GP Championship, Round 6 (Red Flagged after a major crash)

1410 Ducati MotoGP Demo

1445 Race 4: Maxxis British Supersport Championship, Round 6, 18 laps

1545 Race 5: Bennett's British Superbike Championship, Round 6-Race 2, 18 laps

1635 Race 6: British 125GP Championship, Round 6 (Completion of earlier race)

1735 Race 7: Metzeler Racetec National Superstock Championship, Round 7, 16 laps

What can I say? It was a fantastic day out! Every rider out there today deserves full credits, they put in an amazing effort which gave us racing that was spectacular to view. The sights and sounds are just indescribable, an experience that will excite and humble any rider.

A number of riders had a few “off's” (or DNF), but some did require some extensive medical care. I hope they are all well and have very quick and painless recoveries. As they say some riders fall off, some get back on, some do not, some can not...

After last years utter wash out, which led to the events cancellation, today was a fabulous return to form. My pictures and video of the event are of novice quality but I will post them to this site as soon as I get to a high-speed connection.

Next year can't come quick enough...unless I force myself to get over to some WSB and MotoGP this space.

Keep the paint up and the rubber down.

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