MotoGP (Original Posting 26th March 2007)

Well, what a weekend for Rossi fans! I was delighted to see “The Doctor” return to the top of the podium, has been too long. Those of you that watched I hope you got to see his show on the cool down lap, he certainly loves putting on a display, but when you are that good, why not? My heart goes out to Pedrosa, being able to taste a first place then laps 12/13 Rossi did his thing leaving Pedrosa worrying less about the win and more about Colin who kept trying to close on him. With Colin’s form in testing and in the first two races of this year it is about time we see him standing on first place.

Major respect for John Hopkins, he was doing brilliant on the Suzuki, they seem have gotten most things right this year so maybe they will give the other teams something else to worry about. Shame he lost the front. Maybe in Istanbul we will see a podium finish? It seems that the only thing we know from last two races is that the podium places are open to more racers then ever. There was less than a second covering the first 12 positions at the end of qualifying! 2007 is shaping up to be one hell on a year for MotoGP.

Next weekend we have World Superbikes coming from Donington Park, UK! I can not wait to see “JT” on the track!

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