Round Zero (Original Posting 5th July 2007)

The letter from CAO got jammed through the letter box this morning. Not that I was waiting for the letter...I was on the CAO website at 0600hrs to check and accept my offer. Funny experience that. They ask you do you want to defer for 1 year (no thank you) then they ask you are you sure that you want to accept the offer (YES Damn it!). At least they make sure that you can not make mistakes.

Not that the last few weeks have been without their drama. At least one letter that has been sent out from the institutions have caused me a degree panic. Which once I chased up was told to “disregard”. I do not know what annoys me more, getting the letter or being told I was just a mistake? Either way it is all over now.

Oh wait, what is this A4 sized envelope? Great, another booklet of an application and then with the digging up of original documents and making photo-copies to prove that you are alive and then to give this book of scripture up as a sacrifice to those that control this modern world...the wonder that is the bureaucrat.

At least it is official...I am a “mature” student. What have I done? Better..what have they done? I am going to taint a whole generation of bright young things.

At least I have managed to get back onto the road. I might just be taking baby steps, but after the last few years...I feel like I am walking on the moon, and YES, this is one giant leap for me.

The Revolution has begun...

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