Star Trek, Boldly Doing Nothing (Original Posting 4th May 2007)

What has happened with Star Trek?

When I heard the 11th movie was on the way I was excited, but now I am already announcing that I am to boycott the next movie completely. It is due for release at Christmas 2008. The story is to focus on Kirk & Spock while they are still Jnr Officers, or this is what we are currently being led to believe. I hope it is a joke!

I appreciate the viewpoint of those making the movie, maybe they are thinking that by going back to the start and "re-imagining" the original series (much like "Battlestar Gallactica") will introduce Star Trek to a whole new demographic!? It seems that they are not content with using the dismal "Enterprise" series to hammer nails into the Star Trek coffin for 4 years they are to continue to go against the theme of Star Trek.

Gene Roddenberry was a visionary who wanted to see a human race among the stars as a force for good. He created the Original Series during the Cold War with a multi-racial cast, the series even featured the first on-screen kiss between a white man and African-American! These were boundary pushing themes that were knocking down walls. When he came back to make a new series we were given the brilliant "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Jumping approx 100yrs forward from the days of Kirk. The spin-offs "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager" never had the success of TNG but were good shows in their own right.

My is time to keep up the spirit of the show and move forward. To stop toying with the past and history of the Star Trek franchise and move on to the future. At least another 100yrs into the future, if not further! They can create a Star Trek universe that is not familiar and then the story lines to explain that new world and how we got there. Even a series of movies covering the gap between the TNG universe and any future TV Show, much like was done with TOS to TNG!

Ultimately that option does not prove popular with those who make the show because it means sinking allot of money into what could end up a turkey, but with some fresh blood and the support of the long term fans it would get off to a good start!

It is time to go know the rest!

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