Stargate (Original Posting 26th March 2007)

Well the “Save Carson” groups seem to be making allot of noise! I agree with them completely, killing off Dr. Beckett was a stupid move on the part of the writing staff. Without a doubt he is a favourite of most of us. For a show that insists it’s main appeal to fans is to keep the show grounded and relatable, Carson was by far the stand out character in this respect. This probably leant to his appeal and generally well rounded character. I do not see a way in which he could return as a full time character. The obvious time-travel and alternate universe story lines could see appearances, but that may be it. Is it just me but seeing Beckett go gives me a sense of “rats leaving a sinking ship”…

Now it is official, the third spin-off series of Stargate has been announced for early next year, so far it is known as “Stargate Universe”. The main aspect of this will be that the ninth chevron will come into use, to what end will can only dream of for the time being. Also, it will be relatively independent of the SG-1 and Atlantis shows. So expect very little (if any) crossover of characters. My worst nightmare is that it will be a “Star Trek Voyager” type of show, but they would not be that silly…would they?

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