Ubuntu Update

The switch to Ubuntu has gone well, though not perfect!

I have tried out different versions (Kubuntu) but have come back to Ubuntu, preferring it's look and feel.

My main issues with the Ubuntu operating system is that I miss not being able to sync my mobile phone contacts and calendar with my computer. Not an essential, but it is something one would expect. There are a number of options to get this to work but I can not seem to get them too. Then there are some which are just over my head!

Other then that all has gone well and I have yet to experience a crash or major fault. Yes, my Internet browser has "frozen" on a few occasions but once restarted I have been able to restore the session, thus not losing any work. Evolution also seems to refuse to send email via my Gmail account! Yes, I have tried ALL the forums, still no luck. Receives without a problem. Hopefully this will be soon fixed.

So I am still being impressed by how versatile the OS is and I am learning something new everyday. Not having to worry about virus's or other little nasties is also a huge benefit. With the added benefit of saving even more €'s.

The release of the next Ubuntu version (Gutsy Gibbon, in October) will promise even more advances that windows users will be lucky to see before a Vista replacement and the purchase of top-of-the-line computers.

For those wondering these are the main programmes I run:
Internet Browser: Swiftfox
Email/Contacts/Calendar: Evolution
Music Player: Amarok
CD Ripper: Sound Juicer
DVD Player: Totem
Office Applications: Openoffice.org suite
Security: ClamAV & Firestarter
Instant Messenger: GAIM

Thanks to the Synaptic Package Manager you have a MASSIVE selection of programmes to choose from. All free to download and use, no catch. So you can tailor your OS to your needs/wants without spending a fortune on stuff you might not like or leaving your details all over the web!

Oh...it also looks ice cold!

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