3 Reasons To Buy A Honda

Every two years we get the treat that is the Tokyo Motor Show. At this the various manufacturer's have a bit of fun and release their concept bikes...the sort of things we wish they would make!

The catch being, the models that they do decide to develop end up being very tame versions of these concept bikes. This years new Suzuki B-King for example. Also note, the B-King was shown as a concept bike in 2001, so development can take some time. The next major concept bike planned for release is Suzuki's Stratosphere, but time will tell if this 180bhp, 1100cc, 6 cylinder machine makes it to the dealers. The technology and rider aids that could be going into it would make it an impressive motorcycle.

So that is the old, here is the new. MCN have posted photo's on their website, CLICK HERE, of Honda's 3 latest concept bikes that will be at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. The Evo6 is a "naked" Goldwing (YES, a NAKED Goldwing!). Then we have the new CB1100F, a very cool retro looking bike, & CB1100R, the racing version of the same bike. I would love to have any (even all 3) in my garage!

But then again, as previous experience has shown, if these are developed for the road, then they may not be what we are looking at today. Then again you never know or as Honda would like to say "The Power of Dreams"...

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