Back To School a Mature Student!

Back to school nonetheless! Fees paid, registration complete, now just to collect my student card. So this week I have spent my first few days being introduced to University life at Dublin City University. It did it's job of putting all our (mine and my fellow mature students) fears to rest, just to be replaced by the very daunting path that is in front of us.

Next week we will be lost among the chaos and disorder of the 'CAO kids'. That is when things will really start getting interesting I imagine.

All-in-all I am really looking forward to the next few years. I have no idea of what to expect, but if I use the people that I have met the last few days as a gauge, then I have certainly found myself among a very good bunch.

So I have said "hello" to this new path, I hope that the path is ready for me.

If nothing else, things change.

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