Gear Update, Nolan N102

The first piece of my gear has arrived, aptly, the helmet.

It is a Nolan N102. A flip-front (or modular) helmet, with an external sun-shield and special slots to add a Nolan intercom/bluetooth system in the future. That is basically the guts of it. I will not go into much more. Instead I would like to refer you to the site that helped me make up my mind, please CLICK HERE for the webBikeWorld review.

Now I was never sure with flip-fronts. I wear glasses and the benefits should be obvious but most flip-fronts fitted me in such a way that I still had to move my glasses or simply did not suit my head type. The second I tried on the Nolan it was a perfect fit. No messing or tweaking. Just on and close! As for the safety compromise? As long as the helmet is shut is there really any? The helmet meets all the required European standards and at least one review I read had been written by someone who had crashed face first into the ground and the helmet did it's job.

Weight has been commented on. Yes, a flip-front will always be heavier then a full-face, but the N102 has been noted as having a bit more weight. Once on though it is not very noticeable, not to me anyway, there was no pulling of neck muscles when I moved my head or anymore fatigue then normal. Worse case I either do get a shore neck at some stage or my neck muscles start to look like a WWE "actor"! The venting seems to do the job (only my glasses have fogged during heavy breathing) and the quality is without question. Do not forget Nolan's 5 year guarantee!

The colour is black. I know, from a safety point of view white is the better choice, but just wait until you see the rest of my gear! That and I am sick of cleaning off marks. Anyone remember my "old" silver helmet? So the black was chosen with little hesitation.

So yes, I am very happy with this purchase. With the rest of my gear expected over the next two weeks I wait impatiently for men bearing gifts!

Keep the rubber side down.

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