Tidy Biker's?

Believe it or not it is possible to be a tidy biker.

While reading MCN a few weeks ago I saw an advert for the "Biker Tidy". For some time I have been looking for a solution to what do do with my gear once it is off. The wet weather we have been having keeps reminding us why we need a good place to hang gear to dry out, while also looking somewhat respectable.

Over the years I have seen similar products on several websites but none seemed to meet all my requirements. The main one's being, it would have to be able to handle two full sets of gear while still allowing them adequate room to breathe. Also be sturdy enough for everyday use.

So after going to the Biker Tidy website (click here) I took as good a look as I could. It looked substantial and sturdy and the price very reasonable...so I made the phone call.

Approximately one week later the box arrived and out it came. My first impression was how big it is, which was a good surprise. It certainly is a good quality bit of kit. But here is my only complaint...the packaging. The cardboard box which it had been sent over in had taken a beating and some parts inside had the paint damaged. Nothing a touch up did not fix, but it is a shame that such a well built product suffers because of the final hurdle of getting it out to the customer. If anyone here thinks about getting one I would suggest you ask for it to be well packaged.

The only thing they do not supply is the drill & screwdrivers. Every other fitting is in there and the job is straight forward. As always, leave everything loose and mock-up before tightening. Also included in the price are one-piece suit hanger (x1) , jacket hangers (x2) & trouser hangers (x2). Everything is built to carry motorcycle gear, so big & strong.

I have some photo's on my Flickr page so you can see it in action. Overall, a great addition for your gear and well worth investing in, especially when you consider the cost of your gear and the job it is supposed to do!

Keep the rubber side down...and the gear off the ground

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