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France has just joined the growing list of Western governments that have suffered cyber attacks. Over the last several weeks the USA, UK and German governments have all been attacked in a similar way by cyber saboteurs trying to test information technology defenses.

"We have indications that our information systems were the object of attacks, like in the other countries," the Secretary-General of National Defence (SGDN) Francis Delon said, confirming the reports which have appeared on the news.

Though Russia have been accused of attacking their neighbours in recent months, the source of these latest attack on western governments seem to be China.

"We have proof that there is involvement with China. But I am prudent. When I say China, this does not mean the Chinese government. We don't have any indication now that it it was done by the Chinese People's Liberation Army," Francis Delon added.

China has robustly denied having anything to do with these attacks. "Saying that the Chinese military has made cyber attacks on the networks of foreign governments is groundless and irresponsible and are a result of ulterior motives," foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said.

China has been openly developing a significant cyber warfare cability and has previously stated it intends to establish electronic dominance over it's rivals by 2050. Currently they have a cyber police force of approx 25,000 monitoring their own citizens.

The Pentagon has also recently released details that it had been attacked from "states and non-state-owned organisations."

The German weekly Der Spiegel reported that espionage programs traced to the Peoples Liberation Army of China had been detected in computer systems at Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, the foreign ministry and other government agencies in Berlin without identifying its source.

This seems to be a glowing endorsement of the 5th Generation Warfare in it's infancy. A world were 'nets & jets' will largely prove the most effective means of defense and offense.

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