900+ Miles and the 1st Service Over...

'Karma' (my Kawasaki) has been broken in.

It has been a relatively quick (& fun) process. Keeping the riding style smooth and relaxed has benefited us both. Giving me more chance to enjoy my journey while Karma will reap the benefits in the long term.

My first two bikes (both second hand) needed a fairly regular supply of oil. Yet over 900 miles and I have not needed to top up once, in fact, the level has not even moved! One cause of high oil consumption can be badly broken-in engines, as the mechanic was explaining to me today. If the engine has been abused, seals are damaged and thus oil escapes and gets burnt off. Then again, if you are too gentle and do not use the gears this can cause 'glazing', which I will not try to explain, but all seems perfect so far with Karma.

The gears were also much smoother after the service. The slightly clunky feel replaced by a much smoother action while she also feels more responsive in the lower gears. I also had the original bulbs taken out and replaced with 50% brighter bulbs due to the dark mornings and nights from now on, combined with twisty country roads!

Fuel consumption is also excellent, 900+ miles (or 1448km) cost me €60 (@ approx €1.10 p/l) which works out at about 26KM/L (or 60 mpg US, 72 mpg Imp). Remember I do most my commuting with the top and side cases attached, without those the fuel consumption should be even better.

I have yet to hear a bad comment about her looks. Kawasaki seems to have got the mix of looks and budget spot on. The indicators integrated into the fairing and the location of the exhaust are usually what surprises most onlookers. The only thing I would love to see is an immobiliser as standard, as with the higher priced Kawasaki's, this would be of enormous benefit.

She continues to impress me and has yet to give me a seconds trouble. We have a long weekend here now so I will let her have a well earned rest along with a wash and polish!

Keep the rubber side down...

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