Always Use Lubricant!

I have fitted the Scottoiler MK7 Universal Kit & the optional Dual Injector.

Fitting is very straight forward. Though the instructions that come with products are very general, the Scottoiler website have guides available for specific motorcycle models, these are what I used for the installing of the Scottoiler to my Kawasaki ER-6F.

It is all very straight forward. The only awkward bit is getting to the rubber bung over the spigot for the vacuum connector, this is because you have to get behind the fairing. Other then that, I took my time, test fitted the location of the reservoir and tubing several times then fixed all securely when I was happy. Make sure you have no air in the pipes, this is the problem I had, re-primed a second time fixed it.

Highly recommended addition to your motorcycle. It will extend the life of your chain & sprockets, also no messy chain lube that flings and washes off...also once less thing to worry about knowing that your chain is always well lubed.

Keep the rubber side down!

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