Ermax Mudguards Fitted

The Ermax mudguards have been fitted, front and rear, with very little trouble. Here is a brief summary.

The easiest, in my opinion, is the rear hugger. Simply follow the instructions that come with the hugger and job should be done in 10 mins. Basically, you remove the chain guard (to be placed safely away for future use). Then remove the rear suspension nut. Slide in the rear hugger. Make sure your happy with the position, then refit all the nuts & screws you removed (gently, over tightening will damage the hugger). There, now you should have a sexy looking rear hugger!

Now the front mudguard extension...this I was tempted not to do after reading the instructions, but then decided to do it my way. Basically, I would recommend you remove the front mudguard all together and do the work on a bench. I marked a line about 10mm up from the bottom lip, then measured in from each side about 30mm, then 40mm. At these points I 'very carefully' drilled 2mm holes. Then I test fitted the extension, marked out the corresponding holes, drilled again. Then I fitted the extension with the adhesive strip (supplied) then secured with the self-tapping screws (supplied). Now slip back into position and job done!

Head to my Flickr page for more close-ups.

Keep the rubber side down.

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