Have Luggage...Will Travel

The Givi hard luggage is fitted...at last!

This ended up being some adventure and the most difficult of my accessories to fit. I originally just wanted the 2 side cases, as the single top box is never enough to meet my requirements. So imagine my surprise when I found out that you can not fit them without the top box rack. So, like it or not, an order was placed for the top box rack and a top box. Note Kawasaki may void your warranty if you mount a top box larger then the 'Monokey E370', so keep that in mind.

Once that hurdle was got over installation went well. I did have to buy an extra pair of M6 nuts & screws though since you have to relocate the rear indicator lights to make way for the pannier racks...as I said, do not expect this to be an 'easy' job. But time and allot of patience will see you through. As always, loosely fit all the parts before securing.

So, my bike is now fitted with the Givi 'Monokey Side V35' panniers & 'Monokey E370' top box. They look great, though the reflectors on them are more for show then anything else, so I am looking at getting some reflective tape to help increase their visibility. In operation they are simple to use, while you can leave your gear in relative security and away from the elements. Having 3 separate keys is a slight downside!

I am loving them, even though finally getting them fitted took some time. People have even commented that the bike looks like a sports tourer, which is cool! Next Friday she is booked in for her first service, so one more week of gentle riding...then maybe a trip down to Cork early next month.

As always...many more photo's on my Flickr page!

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