If You Have The Time, I Have The Ride...

Today I collected my stunning new Kawasaki ER-6F.

Was this the motorcycle I originally wanted...no. I had intended to get her twin, the ER-6N, but after some hurdles (and maybe some pragmatism?) I 'settled' for the ER-6F. Now I have never liked the term 'settled' (think, 'settled down') as it seems to imply that you have not gotten what you wanted and have settled for the next best thing, if you were lucky!

I felt like that initially. Sure, I told myself I had the benefit of the fairing and it would make my year-round riding that more comfortable. Since I have never had the benefit of a screen before, yet alone a full fairing, I could only see it as a good thing. But good is an understatement, it really does make a vast difference on open roads. Getting off the motorcycle I felt great, no battling wind-blast, just a relatively relaxed ride.

Now I can appreciate what touring riders are talking about when they get into that 'bubble' behind their screen. I doubt their is very little comparison between my little fairing and a full on tourer, but I am loving it.

The ride is very smooth and she is very forgiving. I have been a bit sloppy with my clutch on some low-speed manoeuvres, but she has not complained. I will make up for it by giving her a nice soapy bath and a coating of Scottoiler FS 365, all should be forgiven. The hardest aspect of owning a new motorcycle has to be the break-in period. The dealer has told me to keep it below 6,000rpm for the next 800Km, then bring her in for the 1st service. With commuting each day that should be within a month...then I can really start to explore both of our limits.

I also had the dealer fit some crash bungs and an alarm/immobiliser, they should help put my mind at ease when I take her out for a spin. Also will be posting pictures of my Scottoil and Ermax accessories I have fitted, so keep an eye on my Flickr page. All in all, I think I got the better looking sister of the pair and she will even be easier to live with. What more could I want?

Time for me to return to the garage and take in the beauty of my mistress...

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