The Return

I am happy to announce that all has been sorted out and my return to two wheels will be tomorrow morning!

Admittedly, I had my doubts, this has been a rollercoaster of an experience over the last few weeks trying to get the bike, returning to education, trying to get into some sort of routine and the added complication of chasing buses and alone 2 people commented on how tired I looked. Though stressed would probably be more accurate.

So...within 24 hours you loyal viewers should be treated to photos of my new 'mistress', while over the coming weeks I will post follow-ups on the modifications I intend to carry out. Those currently on my 'to-do' list being:
  • Fitting a Scottoiler (with Dual Injector)
  • Rear Hugger (From Ermax)
  • Front Mud-Guard Extension (From Ermax)
  • Givi Panniers & Top Box
Plenty for me to cut my knuckles on while I do some bonding and of course the mandatory test ride after making even the slightest of adjustments!

Keep the rubber side down.

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