DCU Open Day 2007 (Day 1)

We survived...watch the day unfold on my Flickr page!

Day 1 of the 'DCU Open Days' is over and we can safely say it was a complete success. This was the busiest DCU Open Day ever! Getting more people in one day then the whole weekend last year, so estimates are in the 5,000 mark and at times it certainly felt that way.

What started out as the DCU Model United Nations Society display soon also included the Law & Government main 'go to' desk...then the European Business courses came on board at some stage and finally we also found ourselves promoting the Uaneen Modules. So we were a very busy bunch.

At various times the vast majority of the society dropped by and helped out by talking to passers by and generally whipping up interest in our still very new society. The pictures I took really do not do the team justice...there were times when all of us were dealing with 'groups' of prospective DCU students. The vast majority certainly seemed very keen and interested in our activities, especially when we started introducing them to the benefits of being part of a society that blended debate with acting, taught the skills of research and professionalism, while living up to the spirit of the United Nations.

All in all, this was a brilliant day for all involved and hopefully we gave the prospective students one more reason to choose DCU.

While I must also extend a thank you to the staff of DCU who helped put this together and most of all a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the DCU Model United Nations team who helped out through the day and several of which have pledged to help me out tomorrow!

See you there...

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