DCU Open Day 2007 (Day 2)

It is over...

Wow, what a busy day! I do not think any of us expected today being that busy. Most of the other stands were surprised too. In fact we stayed later today then yesterday, only getting away after 4pm.

But why? I hear you ask...well the whole point of the Open Days are to promote DCU as 'THE' University to go to and I believe we successfully did that. With a combination of our collective 'personalities' and lots of candy (whole other story!).

DCU Model United Nations did very well out of today. Again pushing the IR & EPL courses while showing how the MUN is the society that is best suited for EVERY course in DCU and that zero experience is necessary. The fact that we are such young society seemed to prove a positive aspect. So many people...so many questions...so much promoting...so much FUN!

Also of note was the amount of parents today. Most were very impressed at our little society and several commented that we better represented the various courses then the dedicated staff on hand. But it was also a big team effort as we brought prospective students to the stands they were most interested in, those other stands repaid the favour and sent scores over to us.

So once again, another very positive day, promoting DCU and the Model United Nations, while also having a fun time doing it and meeting many very keen people...who might just be first years next year.

Again, thank you to the staff of DCU who helped to organise this great day and to all of the DCU Model United Nations Team that helped out at the stand over the 2 days. Well done.

Of course...go to my Flickr page for more pictures!

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