Ready or Not

Cork, here I come!

Bags are packed and the bike is loaded, tomorrow I hit the road and will be in Cork city for the weekend. My main reason for going down is that I am taking part in a Model United Nations training session between UCC and DCU.

Though my other reason is that I have been looking for a destination for a weekend trip since getting my first service out of the way. Yes, it is great getting to commute every day on a motorcycle, but we both deserve a bit of fun, so Cork is the perfect opportunity. I lived there between 1998-2003, so being back for a few days will be good and throw up a few dusty memories. I have heard the place had been polished up a bit, hopefully not too much!

So once the trip is over I will have had my first 'longish' trip in the saddle with Karma, hopefully it will give me an idea of how I want to do things for next summer. The idea being, that I will make a trip to the UK or Europe to catch a MotoGP and/or a World Superbike Round.

"A good long ride can clear your mind, restore your faith, and use up a lot of fuel." - Anon

Keep the rubber side down!

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