As promised, if you direct your browser to my Flickr page you will (hopefully) find some 225 photos from the 2007 NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show, they are in alphabetical order so feel free to skip through to your favourite flavours of motorcycles.

The show itself was great. Too much going on in fact! So much so, that as we left the first thing my partner said was "next year we will need to come for 2 days", though I said a downbeat "I guess", inside I was jumping for joy.

The major difference this year was that all the major manufactures were concentrated in one area, instead of generally through the center of the show area with the various trade stands off either side. Though a good idea in principle,it meant this area was very busy most of the day with other areas staying quiet. I would like to think they will revert to the old layout to keep the crowds moving around.

Also what continues to annoy is going to the show to get gear, only to be told they are not selling but giving us the details of local dealers. In Ireland 'local' dealers usually means 1 or 2 shops and zero deals. Well, at least I tried to buy off them.

My highlight was getting to meet Nick Sanders, if you do not know who he is I insist you go and find out, try his website by CLICKING HERE. I got his latest book and DVD were he takes a group down to Timbuktu, he even signed the book. He is as pleasant as he appears and that alone was worth the flight and entrance fee!

Right, I am sure you can not wait to get off and see what went on at the show. I hope you enjoy the photos and please remember I am quite the novice with the camera!

Keep the rubber side down.

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