Gone With The Wind

Below I speak about the Dakar Rally but now, returning to the fun that is the Irish winter, I am currently looking for a higher screen for Karma. The current front runner is the MRA VarioTouring Screen which will hopefully do a very good job of keeping the wind off my front on my daily 90KM commutes. The importance of tackling the wind at this time of year is usually forgotten, mostly since the number of motorcycles on the roads now usually dips significantly.

Most of us realise the key is layering our clothes. A wind-proof and waterproof (and crash-proof!) outer layer, with a synthetic layer close to your skin (as it does not soak up moisture) and then your wool/fleece layer in the middle. This should help most. While an assortment of heated gear (via air/electrical/chemical means) are available to us now.

To help put into perspective the effects of wind chill there is a useful table at the top.

Of course this is just one element of winter riding. The road conditions and dozy drivers being other major factors. But even as electronic aids continue to help us, being alert is probably the best defence we have. So being warm and fully aware of our surroundings is key.

Keep the rubber side down...

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