Dressing Up Karma

I finally decided on a screen for Karma (my Kawasaki ER-6F). This being the MRA Vario Touring screen. Initially I was going to order locally but some reviews put me off so placed my order through BikeHPS. This was quick and painless via their website. They also warned it may take 3 weeks to deliver but today I received an email saying I should have the screen by Tuesday. So expect a few photos and comments on the screen in the near future.

Why did I decide on it? Well initially I was happy to order the Kawasaki screen which is a few centimetres higher then standard. But after trying to order from several dealers I gave up on this. My local Kawasaki dealer could provide it, but more on that later. I was also hesitant to get it because of the belief that 'what sticks out, breaks off', but a number of reviews have put any fears to rest. While the ability to alter the screens wind deflecting properties depending on my preferred riding style and weather conditions convinced me to pay the extra, especially since I cover an average of 400KMs each weeks.

Also I have placed an order with Baglux UK for a tank protector and their Minea bag to go with the protector. I decided on that particular bag since I wanted something useful but would not be in my way while I was riding. So small and compact but still expandable to 21 Litres. Again, this was a simple phone call and those on the other end were extremely helpful. What is not obvious and was my only concern was if the bag was waterproof. While the bag is not it does include a rain cover. Again, photo's and comments once it arrives.

Now the important bit. Cost! My local dealer quoted me the following:
€200 For the Kawasaki Spoiler Screen (£53.45 in Kawasaki Catalogue)
€180 For Baglux Tank Protector
€180 For Baglux Bag

€560 Grand Total

BUT ordered from the UK delivered to my door:
£108 For MRA Vario Screen
£169 For BOTH the Baglux Tank Protector and Minea Bag

£277 or €371 Grand Total (All costs included)

Saving me €189

The numbers speak for themselves. I should have all the items by the end of the month, so expect more details then.

Keep the rubber side down

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