Shooting The Breeze

My MRA Vario Touring Screen arrived, very appropriately, on Thursday morning as a valentines day gift for the other lady in my life! So that evening in a dimly lit garage and some appropriate music I got her top off and on with the bigger, better and more adaptable screen.

And what a screen it is. The very next day I got the excuse for a nice, long, wandering ride taking in motorways, main roads and some twisty country roads. I already enjoy being behind a fairing but this adds so much more in the way of wind cheating performance. I could sit upright on Karma on the motorway and only feel the wind buffeting the top of my helmet as the wind was deflected up and over. Hardly any felt effect on my front. So this product is highly recommended.

Fitting is very easy. Carefully remove your old screen, taking note of the very thin plastic strip that is between it and your fairing. So once off unpack your brand new screen and mount using the existing screws. This is when I had my only nasty surprise. At first the holes did not mount up which led me to stop and utter some choice words. But I lightly screwed in the top right. Went to the top left and while applying some slight pressure to the front of the screen watched as all came into alignment. All was right again.

Once fitted all screws were gently tightened then you have a piece of plastic piping to run along the edge of the screen. Which you cut to length then clip in place. This is quite a nice finishing touch. I tried moving the 'Vario' portion of the screen. This was very stiff at first, but pushing in a direction more or less parallel to the screen had it going through the notches. Note that you should move both sides at the same time and always when you are stationary!

Without doubt this is a top quality piece of kit that will be of huge benefit in bad weather. I only wish I had this through January, but I am sure I will have many more occasions to praise this latest bit of kit. I have only tried it at its highest setting so I have to experiment with the other positions to fully appreciate its abilities.

You will find a few photos on HERE of how the finished job looks, I got the 'smoked' version of the screen which, in my opinion, really looks the part. My all-rounder is becoming more versatile with each accessory. Now I await the arrival of my Baglux Tank Protector and Tank Bag.

Keep the rubber side down.

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