Baglux Review

After a few weeks with the Baglux Tank-Protector and Minea Bag I thought it is about time to give a review of how I have found it.

The procedure for putting it on is pretty straight forward but I would like to see much more specialised instructions put on the Baglux website (much like what Scottoil do) as the instructions provided are very broad trying to cover all makes and models so making for much unnecessary reading. Other then that little complaint, all else it very easy.

I would follow the recommendation to gently warm the tank protector over night, say in a hot press, so that it will be much more pliable and easier to fit. You should remove your seat and the two black plastic side panels that run below the tank. This will make fitting much quicker as the straps need to be hooked onto the lip on the tank. Then another strap goes around the head stock, making sure you trap no wires, while the rear one will go under where the seat clips into.

Once all the straps are loosely fitted slowly start tightening until the fit starts to look snug. Now do not try to get it perfect as it can take up to two weeks for the protector to mould correctly to your tank. But at worse it will look slightly 'baggy' in spots. Also, you will have to periodically check the straps to makes sure nothing is getting loose.

The bag itself is even more straight forward. Just slip the loops on at the front and then clip the buckles at the back. Simple! Always makes sure that the backpack straps are nicely tucked away, just for appearance and safety of course. The bag may look small, but it takes my Nolan N102 very easily when extended to the full 21ltr. While even when full the view of the dash is unobstructed. Though it is weird not being able to lean forward, you find that you gain some weather protection. So no complaints.

There is a water proof cover for the bag. This is very stiff at first but after a few uses goes pliable. It is not a 'quick' operation as the bag needs to be lifted off to put the cover on, so a minute or two at most. Also, while it is on you loose quick access to the bag so change for the toll goes back into the pocket (or blutack on my handle bars!).

All in all an amazingly straight forward idea that incorporates a full tank cover and tank bag. The quality is excellent, though I would like to see more heavy duty zips as the company progress's as these would add an extra sense of durability and ease the access for gloved hands.

But all my niggles are small ones and this is a highly recommended bit of kit for your bike. Especially as it can mean keeping your bike slim and 'traffic busting' with a top box and tank bag without needing panniers. While also giving excellent protection to the tank and the obvious use of those long touring trips.

You will find 21 photos on my Flickr page!

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