A Hardy Heron Is Inbound

Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy Heron' is on the way!

The clock is ticking and we will soon have the latest and arguably best operating system available! It is only up to the user how it looks and feels. No 'required' upgrades of your hardware to run it. No strings unless you want them. No contracts. No complications. While you have the help & support from the Ubuntu community, friendly forums prepared to answer and help the smallest to biggest problems.

OK, enough with the gloss. The guts are if you do not want to be paying for upgrades or constantly worrying about virus's infecting your system, but want a fully functioning operating system with the option to have it look and feel as you like then this is the way to go.

The only thing you have to invest is time and the learning curve depends on how much tinkering you want to do with the system as almost everything can be done without reverting to the command line/terminal. Also most major internet companies (Yahoo & Google) offer almost all their toolbars and software in linux form, so no need to go without anything if you have the vast bulk of your world hosted on the web...which seems to be the direction we are going in, but that is for another day!

So dig out an old machine you have lying around or maybe you are tired of annual software subscriptions...or just want to be a bit more freedom in this Big Brother world? There is plenty of support and plenty of people to guide you in the right direction!

OH...and Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is on the way!

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