Still Going Forward

5000 miles and service number 2 completed. How is Karma fairing?

Not a problem is the answer! Nothing wrong, everything is as it should be and just keep doing what I have been doing...which has been just enjoying the bike. To put into perspective, in 4200 miles I have not have to top up the oil or even adjust the chain. Items which had been weekly regulars on my previous (second hand) bikes. Other then a regular covering of Scottoil FS365 and cleaning there is little I have had to do in way of maintenance.

The joy of owning a brand new bike then. I will hazard a guess that whatever you save in the constant fettling of an older bike is balanced out by the regular service costs of a new bike. I have promised myself that while she is under warranty I will be a good boy and let the Kawasaki mechanics keep her internals in good upkeep. Fuel injection and little black boxes under the seat are new to me, but so is having a 24 month 'safety net'.

Whatever they do though, just like after the 1st service, once I pulled out everything was smoother and crisper. The levers, gearbox and I could swear she was more responsive! In fact I even took the long way home down a few dark and twisty roads, after which my face was sore from the smile that was on it. Everyone has their vices, mine seem to be motorcycles, strong black coffee and (of course) my lady...

Come on the summer, when my timetable is a bit lighter, then I will be able to pick a direction and ride!

Rubber side down.

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