It Came & Went

Well, it is unlike me to forget anniversaries but I forgot this one...a whole year of keeping a web log has come and gone! February 27th to be exact.

My little experiment started over on Yahoo but I swapped over to blogger because it gave me a bit more freedom in layout and features. Since then I have never looked back and much has changed.

I took a little hobby I had in an unhealthy interest in world and now I am studying for a BA in International Relations. While my affair with motorcycles has just got more passionate with every mile of two-lane blacktop that I get under the wheels.

So all-in-all it has been a mostly positive experience. A few set-backs along the way and I am sure a few more bumps in the road ahead, but as they say, some will get back up, some won't and some can't!

This would not be still going if it was not for the massive support I have had from regular visitors and new so expect more of the same from a very interesting year ahead, while as always please try to keep your software open source, with Ubuntu being my recommended flavour. While out on the roads keep the paint side up and the rubber side down...

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