Extending My Perception

I have been riding around for the last two weeks with the official Kawasaki mirror extensions for Karma (my ER-6F/Ninja 650R). So, what do I think of them?

These are just a extra piece of metal fitted to the base of the mirror stalk, normally where the stalk would meet the fairing. They were fitted by my dealer, did some basic adjustments so I could see behind me then headed home. My initial impression was clouded by the fact that they were not set up right so I waited until I got home to start getting them perfect.

On the way home whenever I slowed down to stop the left mirror would fall forwards! Which would require me to get it back into position before I moved off. The right had side did not budge though...in fact once I got home and tried to adjust it, it still would not move! After some time, effort and digging out out the rubber mallet she did finally surrender to me. While the problem with the left hand side was fixed with adding another washer. Good thing they had not charged me for fitting!

After those trials and a few test runs I have finally got them how I like them. Normally I would have to tuck in my arms like Casey Stoner if I wanted to see behind me, with the extra 4cm there is no need for that anymore. Just a quick look and the world behind is shown in all it's glory...more often then not a grill of a vehicle way too close for comfort!

Well worth getting if you do not have them already and quality seems fine. If you are charged for fitting them just make sure the do all the adjusting before you leave!

Keep the rubber side down...

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