Ireland Says No

Well it is official, Ireland has rejected the Lisbon Treaty with 46.6% saying Yes and 53.4% saying No. Overall a difference of some 110,000 votes.

They keep saying that we are in 'uncharted waters', can not help but laugh at nothing has changed. Surely by bringing in the undemocratic reforms they desired would have meant us entering 'uncharted waters'? I think one of the political analysts on Sky News got it right when he said that the "elected and unelected leaders of the EU now had to decide what to do next". Obviously my emphasis is on the 'unelected' bit.

I guess this is strange for them, this thing called democracy rearing its ugly head. Guess we will have to muddle along with the current system and they may actually attempt to connect with the citizens or they may just pass most of the reforms without implementing any of the major ones. The leaders wonder how we will now deal with 'trouble states' without the Lisbon Treaty? Well, based on the Europe's history of dealing with obvious 'trouble states' I do not think much will have changed treaty or not.

The EU can once again retake its mantle of criticizing the USA for either doing too much or too little while not actually doing anything itself...yes, we have much to be proud of.

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