Heron Soars

Ubuntu have released the first updated release to Hardy Heron LTS, this being 8.04.1. As with the last LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu there were releases along its life to include all relevant security updates and upgrades. Basically so that once you were finished installing your brand new OS you then do not need to get 100-200MB worth of updates.

Bare in mind that over the life of Hardy Heron these will only be security updates, you will not get any of the new features included with the 6 monthly release cycle, for instance any new features that come out in Intrepid Ibex in October. The exception to this being Firefox which has been updated from the Firefox 3 Beta to the final release of Firefox 3 in 8.04.1. This may not sound great for those that want to live at the bloody end of new technology, but for those that want a stable, full-featured OS then you could not want more...and for free!

For more details the press release can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Hopefully it will not be much longer before I catch the Heron myself.

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