Buell is Back

My Buell XB12XT Ulysses is back! For the earlier part of this story Click Here!

What did Dublin Harley-Davidson do? A new wiring loom, new fuel pump & they replaced anything damaged in the off. All under warranty, so they did not charge me a cent. One of the dealers had been riding the bike for two day's to see if all is ok and they were happy to call me in to collect her.

What was the fault? They found a shorted wire in the fuel pump, though they believe that this was a symptom and not the cause. They were not allowed to touch the wiring loom. H-D UK told them to box up and send it to them to be examined from top-to-bottom. All they could say was that the ends looked fine.

So I collected, took home and a week later I came back in for the 2nd service (8,000 km) and to update them about the bike. Said all was fine and that she felt like when I first picked her up. Hopefully the problem will not return. While in for the service they also carried out some recall work on the screen. They wanted €286 for the service, but I managed to haggle a discount after telling them they had given me the wrong top-box with the bike (i.e. mine was at home!). In hindsight I was probably better off putting the top-box on ebay and that could have paid for two services...but I am a honest man.

They also found a nasty cut in my tyre, I am surprised I had not seen it. They said €270 for a new rear (Pirelli Diablo Strada, 180/55), I asked if that included fitting but they wanted the hourly rate on top of that...I said I would get back to them. So tomorrow I am calling into Megabikes for the tyre & fitting for €240! Not cheap, but better. I am also having them throw in some Philips Motovision bulbs, which they are not charging me for doing. I used the motovision on my last bike and they make a significant difference. The lights on the 08 XT are a let down, but the 09 model has had the lights improved.

So for the time being everything seems to be back on track. The Buell is back herself and as long as the electrical issues do not return then all should be fine. Though the exhaust is already showing some major signs of rust. This seems to be a norm on all Buell's, shame Erik does not realise that the 'trilogy of tech' can apply to a nice stainless steel exhaust, 1 - No rust 2 - No painting 3 - Looks good!

Just to note, after 8,000km the bike feels much more 'settled'. The gearbox is much slicker and finding neutral happens first time now. The engine is much smoother and the oil consumption is now very predictable, as is the fuel range. There are a few quality issues, like the electrical problems I had, the rusting exhaust and the odd nut that works itself free. Many owners say this is part of the character and the bike gets better with the more miles you get under her. This is my first time owning a 'non-Japanese' motorcycle and so expected a change, but now I feel like I have been spoilt the last 10 years!

As always, keep the rubber side down!

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