If I Didn't Have Bad Luck...

Well, there has been a drought of blog posts lately, mainly due to me hoping that things would improve or sort themselves out, but alas they have not. So what is the story? Well here is the long version:

Tuesday 21st October I left the house as per normal in the early hours of the morning, not 2km from the house the engine starting stuttering and losing power BUT the engine management light did not come on, the 'high beam' light came on (& no high beam light). Then the bike lost all power and coasted to the side of the road.

Switching the ignition to 'off' then turned 'on' all the dash lights! Turning on the ignition turned off all the dash lights except for the high beam light on the dash. The bike would not turn on, nothing was responding.

After about 5mins I tried to turn her on again, this time she started but the alarm had gone into 'garage mode', as if the battery had been disconnected. I disarmed and turned around to go home, I wanted the Buell assistance to come out to me. Problem is, the bike lost power in a bend and we went down...DOH!

So after pushing the rest of the way home called Buell and the bike was recovered. Having spoken to the dealer and talking them through all the electrical problems that we have gone through they seem to think the wiring loom needs replacing and after having a look they have also ordered a new fuel pump.The guys are saying they will repair all the damage under warranty.

The only downside is that they still are not 100% what the cause is and HD have a guy over from the UK today (7th November) to look at my bike and to sign off on the work. They had promised me a demo XT to keep me on the road but they sold it leaving me stuck with lifts/buses/trains. Why on earth anyone would endure suffering on public transport with the smells, drunks and noise is beyond me!? Now I know why they resent motorcycles so much, with us rubbing freedom in their faces ;-)

Well hopefully things will change soon because the current situation is bordering on ridiculous. Brand new & very expensive bike breaking like this. Then again I have just seen photos/specs of the new KTM 990 SMT...if only they could do something about the seat height!

As always, keep the rubber side down.

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