Pilgrimage 2008

Flights Booked...CHECK!
Show Ticket...CHECK!

Everything is in place for the 2008 NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show being held in Birmingham, UK. Last year they changed the layout and squeezed more in and it was GREAT, but we did not have enough time to get around and get as many photos as we wanted...or deals...or see the shows...or (you get the point).

Yamaha Racing MotoGP (003)
So close yet so far, the 2007 machine, see the MotoGP winner at this years show

So this year we are heading over for 2 day, I know, living on the wild side as the credit crunch takes hold. Then again, I am not a drinker or smoker or...lets just say that I REALLY like motorcycles. So this year will be a very special treat.

I do promote this and do bang on about it every year, but it is an great experience with a great atmosphere with such a wide demographic. Add to that the chance of running into some of your two wheel heroes then the excuses not to make some time to do a few shows go out the window.

Yamaha YZF-R6 (001)
What bikes??

Of course if you can not make it then as always expect me to be posting a 'few' photos on my Flickr page, 2006 there were 79, 2007 that jumped to 223 so this year may be even better!!!

Keep the rubber side down

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