Winter Is Here

Has been bit of a rush around lately, loads of deadlines and the like BUT while that was going on winter arrived with a vengeance. Getting up in the mornings in the dark and everything covered with frost, coming home in the evening and it is dark and the frost is returning.

So for those who are wondering what it takes to be a winter warrior and keep that bike on the road all year round here are two links to get you started:

Moto Today: Winter Riding Tips
MCN: Top 10 Textile Suits

They will give you a taste at what you should be looking for. Keep in mind that if the air-temp is 5C or less and you are riding in it at 80km/h+ then you are in danger of hypothermia if you are not wearing the right gear. Rule of thumb is that you keep something close to the body that wicks away sweat, a nice breathable fleece, a windproof top then my motorcycle jacket. My hands are lucky since I have the hand-guards now and the heated grips, while the warmth from the engine keeps my legs snug.

End of the day, if you feel the cold you are wearing the wrong stuff!

Keep the rubber side down

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