Old Enough To Choose (Are We Ever)?

Funny that on one side of the planet China is criticized for having family planning policies relating to how many children a family may have while in Europe (in some states) we can decide when we want to die. Now in the name of 'social planning' states can rule you unfit to work not based on anything but your birthday regardless of you ability. Positive discrimination taking a further darker twist? There seems to be fewer and fewer things in this world that we truly have any freedom to choose, other then from the options presented to us.

So are we ever really old enough to choose? (That is my cup of cynicism for the day...)
clipped from euobserver.com

"National legislation may provide, in a general manner, that this kind of difference of treatment on grounds of age is justified if it is a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate social policy objective related to employment policy, the labour market or vocational training," the ECJ ruled.

In a press release following the ECJ's opinion, Age Concern said it was given "hope" by the ruling and would continue fighting against forced retirement.

"Challenging financial circumstances mean it is even more important for older workers to be able to choose to work for longer if they want to. Ageism in all its forms must be eradicated from our society once and for all," said Mr Cann.

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