Time For A Change

Believe me when I say we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed our fear of it. I stand here, before you now, truthfully unafraid. Why? Because I believe something you do not? No, I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me.

- Morpheus, The Matrix Reloaded

After over 2 years of blogging it was about time for 'reimagining' of my blog. Yes, they seem to be all the craze these days with Battlestar Galactica (now finished) and Star Trek (just around the corner) but I felt the time was right. Nor was it a choice I made lightly, the old format served me well and was popular but for me it felt just a little bit dated so here is the revamp! Thanks to 'Wonder Woman' for the suggestions and reviewing the alpha/beta/rc versions.

My previous post laid out my recent trials over the last year but hopefully now I will be able to get back on track and looking forward once again. So other then the appearance overhaul expect the usual mix of blog posts on motorcycles, Ubuntu, current events, politics and anything else that this critical citizen of the world get in my sights!

Over the next few months expect posts detailing the modifications to my Buell (as detailed in the previous post) and reviews of new gear I have been using. Sprinkle on that my usual observations and hopefully there will be plenty there to keep you all entertained.

Like the quote at the top points out it is who we are that will decide how we will deal with the tough times we are presented with. We live in interesting and dynamic times as we witness what is most likely the end of the post-WW2 geopolitical order. Change is the only thing we can be assured of, it is just the pace that varies.

As always, enjoy and thanks for reading

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