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Have some spare RAM? Then why not try and help humanity and do your bit in saving the world. I (as Victor9098) have been helping the World Community Grid for almost a year now (though I have longer running projects with CERN and SETI). The available projects range from mapping the human gnome, trying to cure cancer and developing more effective drugs to fight Hep C and so on. You get to pick if you have a preference or give them all an equal go.

"Scientists believe that the grid of client computers around the world will complete the Help Conquer Cancer project image analysis that would otherwise take up to 162 years in roughly two years."


I know you care and you can help the planet by doing almost nothing. It's free and easy. Our planet's getting smaller, flatter and smarter every day, and it's no wonder with initiatives like World Community Grid. Please join me and over 400,000 people who support World Community Grid. It's a ground breaking initiative that helps accelerate research into vital humanitarian projects. Here are some ways World Community Grid has made a difference:

* World Community Grid provided the 'Help Defeat Cancer' project with more than 2,900 years of computational power. This has enabled researchers to diagnose and analyse tumours with much greater accuracy.
* In June 2008, the AfricanClimate@Home project used World Community Grid to improve the models used to alleviate the adverse effects of climate change.
* Researchers for the FightAIDS@Home project have completed 5 years of research in just 6 months. They worked with chemists to design advanced inhibitors to treat the devastating disease.

World Community Grid is essentially a huge network of many individual computers all around the globe. By working together, these computers provide massive computational power that is equivalent to being in the world's 10 largest supercomputers.

When I joined, all I had to do was download a simple and secure program. The program can detect when my computer has unused computer cycles and during these times, my computer requests work from World Community Grid's server, performs computations on this data and sends the results back. I don't have to do anything at all and it's completely safe! Also, the progams settings may easily be changed to suit your need.

Because the work is split into small pieces that are processed simultaneously, research time is cut from years to months, or even days. It is also very cost-effective, enabling better use of critical funds.

"World Community Grid made it possible for us to analyze in one day the number of specimens that would take approximately 130 years to complete using a traditional computer."

- Dr. David J. Foran, professor and lead researcher at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

I'm proud to support World Community Grid. To find out how you too can make a difference, go to the website at and register today.

Thank you and see you on World Community Grid!

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