Announcing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: The Lucid Lynx

Here we go again! The next release of Ubuntu is on the way and it is a Long Term Support version too, 10.04: The Lucid Lynx! I would not expect to see huge difference between that and Karmic Koala due out on October 29th as stability is key in these LTS releases. So maybe a much more polished a refined version of 9.10, I can not are some clips from the official news release;
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We are now giving a name to the next Ubuntu LTS: The Lucid Lynx.

LTS releases are maintained for five years on the server and three years on the desktop
Our focus will be stabilisation and bug-fixing across the platform with additional refinements in quality in key areas such as user interface improvements, boot experience, browsing and installing the incredible catalogue of software available for Ubuntu, and continuing our tradition of best-of-breed hardware support
It’s stylish and sleek, the bow-tie-adorned James Bond of the feline set, so you can bet we’ll make sure it’s dressed for the occasion. The lynx likes to keep things in perspective, sticking to high ground
Speed is an essential ingredient in the attack of a lynx, and speed remains our goal.
for 10 second booting with Lucid.
community that continues to devote itself to the goal of bringing the best stable free software to an audience of people who don’t think of themselves as computer specialists – and shouldn’t have to, either
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