2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 First Ride

"But the big story this year are those touring improvements. Are they enough to vault the Concours ahead of its class? Well, the Kawasaki has certainly gained ground on its competition. At $14,599 in base form and $15,299 for the ABS/TC version we sampled, it delivers a lot for the pricetag (A comparably equipped BMW K1300GT with heated grips and ASC (Anti Slip Control), for example, is well over $20K.) The new Connie is also possibly the best looking sport-tourer out there, available for 2010 in Candy Neptune Blue and Flat Super Black.

One thing is certain, Kawasaki took a great bike, listened to its customers, and then made the bike even better. Sounds like a winning formula to us." ~Bart Madson

Kawasaki scored a hit when it re-built its sport-touring flagship around the ZX-14 motor and dubbed it the Concours 14. Debuting as a 2008 model, the sharp-looking C14 leaned heavy on the sport side of the ledger with incredible performance from its 1352cc Inline-Four. However, the overall touring package needed refinement and Kawasaki delivers with a reinvigorated 2010 model.
Breaking the rear loose on a 140 horsepower  700-lb motorcycle... Even with the outriggers the brain had trouble accepting the idea -2010 Kawasaki Concours 14The KTRC system engaged  the 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 handled the wet skid plate in stride  with no noticeable slip.
Turn the KTRC off and it's time to slip and slide, but turn it on and steady as she goes in the wet.
The point of Kawasaki’s first TC system isn’t to push the limits, like a roadracing application, but to add traction on suspect surfaces.
The Little Things Doth a Tourer Make
An all-new fairing was designed to increase cooling air flow for the motor and a lower sheild seals off the previous engine heat from riders legs - especially on the right side.A heat shield on the exhaust further aids rider protection from engine heat.
A redesigned fairing and exhaust cap improve the previous complaint of engine heat
blasting on the riders leg - the worst on the right shin at idle.
Heated grips as a standard feature is a huge plus  and the 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 grips heat up well with an adjustable knob.The control panel looks the same but accessing information on the LCD can now be controlled by a left-side Mode Select Button.
Heated grips added a tangible, twistable creature comfort and information at the
instrument console is easier to shuffle through thanks to a left-side info trigger switch.
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