One telling similarity between the the Wehrmacht and the US Military

A very interesting insight into the how effective the US military is at doing the wrong thing, as Fabius Maximus says "From a larger perspective this article shows how the 21st century US military is locked into a historically common trap. No matter how good, it remains harnessed to US elites’ geopolitical thinking " poorly reasoned, emotional (ruled by hubris and fear). Our military apparatus consistently provides professional, smooth execution of bad strategy. We do the wrong thing, but brilliantly."

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Our military apparatus consistently provides professional, smooth execution of bad strategy.   We do the wrong thing, but brilliantly.
America seems now to have taken this German error and extended it. The present American way of war assumes that superiority at the tactical (or perhaps merely technical) level, manifested in high technology, will overcome massive failures at the strategic and moral levels
It would be an historical oddity if the United States, having failed to copy the Germans in what they got right, instead duplicated what they got wrong. In view of the almost lighthearted military optimism that currently prevails in Washington, one cannot help remembering Marx’s comment about history occurring as tragedy, then repeating itself as farce.
What was the contribution of money vs. force?
 More importantly and revealingly, it is a question seldom asked — as it conflicts with the dominant victory narrative.
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