Foundations of Terror, Pakistan's Education System

These clips are taken from a look at Pakistan's education system and how it neglects to teach the children the basics but rather instil in them a type of hero worship of those that are determined to keep power in the country. Poorly targeted programmes but external states (like the USA) have failed to make an impact and will continue to do so, like almost all challenges or movements for change the want and desire has to start where the problem is.

Maybe the best we can do is let them know that they can choose a better way, much like during the Cold War. But this message has to be focused specifically down to the tribal/individual level, no broad sweeps here. Though nothing makes policy makers happy then saying how many schools have been built so change will have to begin on both sides of this divide.


ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN -- With a curriculum that glorifies violence in the name of Islam and ignores basic history, science and math, Pakistan's public education system has become a major barrier to U.S. efforts to defeat extremist groups here, U.S. and Pakistani officials say.

"If the people get education, the elite would be threatened," said Khadim Hussain, coordinator of the Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy and a professor at Islamabad's Bahria University. "If they make education available, the security establishment's ideology may be at risk."

"Telling students they need to use evidence and logic means that you are definitely an agent of India, Israel and the CIA," he said. "They don't understand what evidence is."

United States has not helped by frittering away much of its assistance budget on poorly defined programs, such as conflict-resolution training
There has to be a desire to improve. The U.S. can't create that desire.
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