Overseas Voters for US 2010 Elections Take Note

The laws are changing for overseas US voters for the 2010 elections, just because you got a ballot for previous elections automatically do not expect the same this time. Hopefully the message will be sent out to as many as possible before the elections otherwise many will lose a chance to take part in the democratic process. Or more importantly an election that will be seen as a referendum on the Democrats and Obama almost then 2 years in office. Clips below but follow the link for more on the story and sites to visit to make sure you are signed up.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8, 2010 – Servicemembers and overseas voters shouldn’t assume they automatically will receive ballots for the 2010 elections just because they have in the past.

Previously, voters would receive absentee ballots for up to two cycles following their request, Bob Carey, Federal Voting Assistance Program director, said yesterday during the 2010 election year kick-off. He said new laws require voters to submit federal postcard applications for absentee ballots on a yearly basis.

Although the program’s staff is doing its best to make the process easy for military and overseas voters, people need to move quickly to ensure they get to vote. Voter applications may take a while to make it to hometown election offices, and it could take up to a month after that for ballots to be sent to voters.

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