Visualizing Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal

Great visualizing from the New York Times showing President Obama's 2011 budget, the chart is fully interactive and very informative. Will we look back and talk about the the 'big-budget freeze' of 2011? His gamble with deepening the deficit to stimulate job growth will have to be macro-managed better then the previous stimulus or these could go very badly, especially in regards to the US influence around the globe.

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Rectangles in the chart are sized according to the amount of spending for that category. Color shows the change in spending from 2010.

Chart shows funds authorized to be spent each fiscal year. It does not show "off-setting receipts" — items like postage stamp sales, park fees, Medicare prescription drug premiums and federal agency contributions to employee retirement plans — that are counted as negative budget authority. Off-setting receipts are included in the totals for each category. Chart breakdown is by function, not agency.

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