Secret Treaties, Oppressive Laws and Killing the Internet

From John Robb, a series of links that highlight the world we live in as states attempt reassert their dominance in the global system. The methods being employed are likely to end in failure, but using the methods employed below can not be good for anyone. The 'state' is currently an injured animal and is lashing out at everyone and these moves will only further its decline.

  • Secret laws, treaties, lies and extreme foolishness.  So very much a sign of the times.  A valid claim that ACTA, the aggressive copyright treaty being negotiated in secret, would gut the technology industry.  A revelation that Toronto police lied about the regulations/laws regarding their economically destructive lock-down of the city center for the G20 conference.  Stretching anti-terrorism surveillance laws to harass everyone.  A massive power grab by the government "cybersecurity" crowd with the ill advised Internet kill switch proposal -- as in: we will destroy America in order to save the government and big companies.  
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