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Model of BAE Taranis UAV on display at Farnbor...Image via Wikipedia
  • No More Pilots: The UK Ministry of Defence have unveiled a unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV), named Taranis, designed to penetrate into enemy controlled air-space, something the current generation of UAVs are not able to do.
  • Lebron and Poli Sci: Here in Ohio LeBron James is all over the news, here the Monkey Cage puts forward a Poli Sci 'game theory' explanation of how the decision making process could (should?) have been made.
  • Ireland at risk from Al Qaeda?: The former secretary of the US Homeland Security Department, Tom Ridge, seems to think that Ireland could be at risk from 'more attacks'. To my knowledge we have not been attacked, and though we could be targeted this would serve no purpose for the organization. There are some elements at work, but these seem to be only involved in radicalization and planning attacks abroad.

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