Some Links: Killer Monkeys, Norway and Pundits

North (purple) and South (blue) Waziristan and...
  • The Taliban and Killer Monkeys: It would seem that "monkey terrorists" are being trained by the Taliban in the Waziristan tribal region. They are being shown how to use AK-47s and Bren machine-guns. Though many armed forces utilize animals in various roles, it was the USA in Vietnam who first used trained monkeys to attack enemy troops, though how successfully is another matter. Though for the Taliban this seems to be more of a propaganda campaign aimed at tugging on the heart-strings of animal lovers in the West who, in theory, would apply pressure on their government. I would not hold my breath...

  • Norway at risk from Al-Qaeda: There seems to be many questions surrounding the issue of why Norway has been targeted by Al-Qaeda, though the plotters were found out and caught, the question of why still prevails. Here some suggestions are offered and while no single answer is forthcoming, like most things, it will be an assortment of reasons.

  • Pundits on TV are Most Likely Wrong: There seems to be a growing consensus in academic literature that political pundits on TV are wrong more often then they are right, instead it would seem that they simply tell the intended audience what they want to hear as opposed to any real debate. This should come as no real surprise as the article gives some excellent examples at just how rational most rational and impartial people are. Though this should be of no big surprise as the idea of an independent voter is more myth then real.

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