Wikileaks Cablegate List

Here is the tip of the iceberg with regards to the latest release by Wikileaks of the US diplomatic cables. There are already some headline grabbing stories (as seen below) but the real story will emerge as we study the discourse in greater depth with all the threats and deals becoming clear. This presents a great opportunity of discourse analysis, while the fall-out is only just beginning with politicians in the USA calling for Wikileaks to be listed as a terrorist organisation! This has only just begun.


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WikiLeaks Latest Release

WikiLeaks Documents: Selected Dispatches - New York Times

U.S. Embassy Cables: Browse the Database - The Guardian

What Do the Diplomatic Cables Really Tell Us? - Der Spiegel

Cables Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels - New York Times

A Superpower's View of the World - Der Spiegel

Leaked Cables Reveal True U.S. Worldview - Der Spiegel

U.S. Embassy Cables Leak Sparks Global Diplomacy Crisis - The Guardian

Directives Blur Lines Between Diplomacy and Spying - New York Times

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cables Offer Inside Look at U.S. Policies - Boston Globe

Wikileaks Documents Reveal Sensitive U.S. Cables - Reuters

U.S. Diplomats Spied on U.N. Leadership - The Guardian

U.S. Diplomats Told to Spy on Other Countries at United Nations - Der Spiegel

Around the World, Distress Over Iran - New York Times

Fear of 'Different World' if Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons - The Guardian

U.S. Referred to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as 'Hitler' - Daily Telegraph

Arab States Scorn 'Evil' Iran - The Guardian

Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea - New York Times

Israel Primed to Attack a Nuclear Iran - The Guardian

Iranian Spies 'Used Red Crescent to Enter War Zones' - The Guardian

Cables Reveal U.S. Doubts about Turkey's Government - Der Spiegel

Internal Source Kept U.S. Informed of Merkel Coalition Negotiations - Der Spiegel

Siprnet: Where America Stores its Secret Cables - The Guardian

Updates on the Reaction to U.S. Diplomatic Cables Release - New York Times

White House Condemns Wikileaks Disclosures - BBC News

U.S. Makes Last-Ditch Push to Prevent WikiLeaks Release - Wall Street Journal

WikiLeaks Gets Warning from State Department - Washington Post

Wikileaks 'Hacked Ahead of Secret U.S. Document Release' - BBC News

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